Switchback is a completely different, intensive rehabilitation programme. We help young adult offenders – Trainees – make real, long-lasting change after their release from prison.

We stick by Trainees as they move through the prison gate, encouraging and challenging them to take control and make a more stable life for themselves.

This is new territory for most Trainees – a frank, unconditional relationship with someone who is there for them on a daily basis.

Switchback in numbers

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Jhanzab was released in September for the second time. He was determined to make changes to his lifestyle & avoid the same mistakes he made before. It was far from easy, staying motivated & not taking shortcuts tested his resolve to stick to his commitment to change. HOWEVER, through sheer determination Jhanzab secured himself a job at an exciting new restaurant. Not only that, Jhanzab is following his dream of running his own business & has the first draft of his business plan ready! Another Trainee proving you can DO ANYTHING you set your mind to. WELL DONE JHANZAB!! ...

James popped into the Café to say farewell to the kitchen team as he is now in full-time paid employment. James started with the Café on his second day out of prison & worked solidly with the team for 3 months. His focus was to secure a place at university, but he discovered he quite liked kitchen work & off the back of his time at Switchback, was able to secure a job in an exciting new restaurant in Soho. James will work part time once he starts his university course. GO JAMES!!! ...