Switchback is an intensive mentoring programme. Our Switchback Mentors help 18-24 year old male offenders – Trainees – make real, long-lasting change after their release from prison.

Switchback Mentors stick by the Trainees as they move through the prison gate, encouraging and challenging them across all areas of their lives.

This is new territory for most Trainees – an honest, frank and unconditional relationship with someone who is there for them on a daily basis.

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Tunde JUST had his FINAL Action Plan after a busy 4 months at Switchback & the Crisis Café!! He was SO pleased to tell us he is starting work with Southwark Works. He will be helping young people make changes in their lives, just as he has. AMAZING WORK TUNDE!!! ...

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On Tuesday it was Tunde's last shift in the café! For his final menu he chose to make braised beef with jollof rice, which was DELICIOUS!! Tunde is still a Switchback Trainee & has interviews & job opportunities to consider! What a great ending to his training in the café! (7 photos) ...

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