Switchback is an intensive mentoring programme. Our Switchback Mentors help 18-24 year old male offenders – Trainees – make real, long-lasting change after their release from prison.

Switchback Mentors stick by the Trainees as they move through the prison gate, encouraging and challenging them across all areas of their lives.

This is new territory for most Trainees – an honest, frank and unconditional relationship with someone who is there for them on a daily basis.

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Friday vibes: Trainees Daryl & Keith visited The Quality Chop House in Farringdon. Head Chef Shaun showed Trainees round the restaurant & the butchers shop next door, talking to Trainees about the challenges & positives of starting up a new business. Everyone was massively impressed by Shaun’s enthusiasm for good food. Daryl: "I feel like a different person just having been in that place!" THANK YOU Shaun!! ...

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"The biggest thing I got out of Switchback was positivity. I’d lost a bit of confidence & was down on myself, but now I’m taking that positivity into my own life and it feels good you know". ...

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