Why we do it55% of those released from the prisons that we work in are reconvicted within a year; many are back inside within a few weeks. The average prison place costs £37,000 per year and the impact on the UK economy is estimated to be up to £13 billion per year. That is before you consider the human cost.

One in seven of the population are aged 18-29 but they make up one in three of those in custody and half of probation’s caseload.

Switchback’s established model has a significant impact on our Trainees and thereby everyone connected with them. The reoffending rate for Switchback Trainees currently stands at 12%. This is less than a quarter of the expected rate (55%). More than 70% of those that successfully move on from Switchback have secured a permanent job. We recognise that this may not be enough on its own to sustain a lasting change so many continue to access our support.

We aim to fundamentally change the way that Trainees think about and participate in society. 59% of our Trainees have done this by making a profound positive change and started to live life very differently.