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Switchback Trainees are five times less likely to return to custody than other prison-leavers



Switchback has helped to transform the lives of our Trainees before and after leaving prison



When you make a donation you are helping us to reduce the national re-offending rate of 48% to the Switchback rate of 8%

Switchback is a completely different, intensive rehabilitation programme. We help young adult offenders – known as our Trainees – make real, long-lasting change after their release from prison.

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Our model is centred on a meaningful relationship between Switchback Mentor and Trainee that lasts as long as it takes. Our methods are careful and consistent whilst rolling with the ups and downs of real life.

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Whether you want to work with us, make a donation or become an employer champion, we have many ways in which you can get involved with Switchback and make a real difference for our Trainees.

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Switchback Trainee

“The cafe feels like a place where I can learn to be around positive people again. It will help me to change and reintegrate into society. I know if you really want to change you can”

Switchback Trainee

“I go to work now, it hasn't just meant I got a job, it's changed everything, my spirit, my energy and how I feel about myself”

Switchback Trainee

“The biggest thing I got out of Switchback was positivity. I’d lost a bit of confidence and was down on myself, but now I’m taking that positivity into my own life and it feels good you know”

Switchback Trainee

“When you leave prison you need someone to push you, without that I'm not sure if I would have been able to keep away from the old lifestyle. Switchback gave me that push and I started getting things done”

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